Overall Plan

Lanling County Silicon Industry Science and Technology Innovation Park is one of the professional parks in the mining circular economy industrial park. Covering an area of 5,500 mu, the park has rich quartz sandstone ore resources, high grade, and great development and utilization value. Quartz sandstone ore basic processing enterprises have begun to take shape, and high-end silicon-based materials R & D and manufacturing enterprises have begun to produce capacity, which provides a strong foundation and resource guarantee for the silicon industry chain to extend from the low end to the mid-to-high end.

Relying on resource advantages and the existing industrial foundation, focusing on vertical extension, horizontal expansion and recycling of the industrial chain, the implementation of investment promotion and innovation-driven strategies, optimization of functional zoning and industrial layout, promotion of advantageous elements to the park, and targeting of silicon-based new materials The upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and related industrial chains focus on introducing industrial projects such as green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, high-end equipment manufacturing, high-end glass manufacturing, ultra-large-scale integrated circuit packaging, and chip R & D and manufacturing.