Park Introduction

Lanling County Silicon Industry Science and Technology Innovation Park and Lanling County Yixin Mining Technology Co., Ltd., a “National Thousand Talents Program Academician Workstation”, set up and registered in December 2017 after being established in Lanling County Donggang Mining Co., Ltd. Corporate and professional parks. The company is mainly engaged in the silicon industry, R & D and production of high-, medium- and low-end silicon-based new materials.

The overall construction plan of the Gongyuan District: Take the "R & D Center" as the leader, take the integration of production, learning, and research as the means, and set up the provincial-level silicon-based new materials R & D center as the overall goal to accelerate the incubation pace, innovation and entrepreneurship. From mining, to graded beneficiation, high-, middle- and low-grade silicon product development, from equipment manufacturing to mid-to-high-end product research and development, a complete silicon industry production chain has been formed. Provide silicon-based new material support for high-end glass, intelligent manufacturing, ultra-large-scale integrated circuit packaging, chip research and development, and military, aviation, and aerospace, complete import substitution, and fill the gap in the development and production of high-end silicon-based new materials in Shandong Province.