Lanling County Silicon Industry Science and Technology Innovation Park, Lanling County Yixin Mining Technology Co., Ltd., a "National Thousand Talents Program Academician Workstation", set up and registered private enterprises and professional companies in December 2017 Park. The company is mainly engaged in the silicon industry, R & D and production of high-, medium- and low-end silicon-based new materials.

There are three traditional industries in Gongyuan District: one million tons of float glass silica sand, ordinary silicon powder, and soda ash. Since last year, in response to the government ’s call to “accelerate transformation and upgrading”, two new projects have been launched: “300,000 tons of high-purity quartz sand” and “10,000 tons of spherical silicon powder”. New projects are currently under construction. The project passed the expert review of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology in July 2019, and was officially listed as "Shandong Province's Major Science and Technology Innovation Project". The major special office of the Provincial Science and Technology Department will organize tracking, inspection and assessment.

Gaoyuan District is based on scientific and technological innovation, and combines production, learning and research. At present, the "Lanling County Silicon-based New Materials R & D Center" has been initially set up. The number of participating R & D units has reached 12 (3 of them are sole investment, 3 are joint ventures, and 4 are cooperative ones). The expert team has: 1 academician, 2 doctors, 5 professor-level senior engineers, 4 senior engineers, 2 graduate students, and 10 engineering and technical personnel.

The overall construction plan of the Gongyuan District: Take the "R & D Center" as the leader, take the integration of production, learning, and research as the means, and create a provincial-level silicon-based new material R & D center as the overall goal to accelerate the incubation pace, innovation and entrepreneurship. From mining, to graded beneficiation, high-, middle- and low-grade silicon product development, from equipment manufacturing to mid-to-high-end product research and development, a complete silicon industry production chain has been formed. Provide silicon-based new material support for high-end glass, intelligent manufacturing, ultra-large-scale integrated circuit packaging, chip research and development, and military, aviation, and aerospace, complete import substitution, and fill the gap in the development and production of high-end silicon-based new materials in Shandong Province. 



Corporate philosophy

Scientific and technological innovation, overcoming difficulties, self-improvement and self-confidence, hard work and hard work


R&D center, fill gaps, import substitution, and strive to be the leader

Employee guidelines

Thanksgiving, respect, humility and pragmatism